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Sabba’s end-to-end revenue cycle solution captures more reimbursements, accelerates payments, and reduces overhead costs. Built for practices and billing teams.

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Insurance billing is broken.

From missed reimbursements and excessive administrative costs, inefficient insurance billing processes are a significant drag on profitability and operations.

Manual workflows are error-prone, hides blindspots in the billing process, and lead to charges falling through the cracks.

Complex payor rules and compliance needs are difficult to keep up with leading to denials, underpayments, and penalties.

Fragmented tools make critical data scattered across EHRs, PM systems, clearinghouses, and payor portals, limiting the throughput of claims worked.

Labor shortages makes it more challenging and costly than ever to staff and scale billing operations as volume grows.


Sabba automates your revenue cycle.

Practices and billing teams rely on Sabba's cutting-edge technology and deep expertise to achieve the best claims performance and improve cashflows.

Unlock More Revenue

Sabba's automations maximize reimbursements for every claim.
Automatically resolves more denials, catches underpayments, and eliminate compliance penalties so you are reimbursed accurately.

Lower Cost-to-Collect

Reduce your staffing needs and scale instantly as volume grows. Sabba maximizes and maintains your billing throughput to collect more reimbursements with less resources.

Accelerate Cash Flows

Lowers days in AR to get you paid sooner. Sabba's Intelligent Automations and streamlined workflows enables claims to be worked faster and prevents more denials.

Seamlessly & securely integrated with your existing billing stack.

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